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The 27th of april, we reopen our dental clinic. We have taken special measures for your safety.

At Smile Design Boutique, we are always looking for new proposals for our patients. Today we are pleased to offer you an innovation in the field of financing.

This summer, we worked hard to offer you, with our financial partner, the first Swiss credit adapted to dental care that you can sign directly from our dental clinic. Incredible, isn’t it?



During a first appointment, we will document your case. This will allow us to plan your treatments to build a harmonious smile and permanently treat your dental problems.

During a second appointment, we will present you your treatment plan and financing adapted to your income.

In order to pre-approve your application, we just need an ID card,  last 3 salary slips and the poursuite certificate.

Start of your treatment
We schedule your appointments together and the treatment begins!


 Register today to take advantage of our 0% launch offer over 24 months.


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