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Why smiling in a totally masked world?

Docteur Eduardo de la Torre

Like us, you surely have noticed that the smile is THE great absent from our streets. This world after the confinement, is a world where we need – justly – to protect ourselves from the Covid 19. Social distancing and the wearing of masks are the most efficient weapons to limit the contagion, and so, for at least a few months.

The chin, nose, cheeks, but also the mouth and teeth are no longer visible. Non-verbal communication now takes place exclusively through the eyes. The face is concealed and despite the designers’ efforts to play it down, this is a shock to many of us. This period should be one of the most difficult period for dental clinics, and moreover for smile specialists.

Screens, the new mirrors of our lives Paradoxically, we can see that people have never been as concerned about their physical appearance as they do now.
The confinement was the opportunity of an explosion in video communication. Everybody was able to experience the platforms Zoom, FaceTime, HangOut, Skype, GoToMeeting, … with family, friends or colleagues.
Many people have also made videos to share their daily life and their reflections on this quarantine with their loved ones.
In the end, we never looked at each other as much as we did during this period: it seems that we all seized these moments of interaction with others to get ready, to get dressed up. During these sessions, many of us – especially the newbies – were more preoccupied with giving a better image of themselves, than with exchanging with their relatives!

…but there may also be deeper reasons… In the past, everything was going very fast and we were constantly needed. This confinement was the opportunity for all of us to spend more time with ourselves and redefine our priorities.When we dry up our frenzy of consumption and we evolve in an environment where a disease is everywhere, we refocus ourselves on more essential values such as health and well-being, of which appearance is the most obvious expression.

Conclusion These 2 facts certainly explain that even if we evolve in a world where the face is no longer displayed, we are witnessing an important revival of the interest in smile design.
What doesn’t change is that an healthy and harmonious smile remains a sign of good health and a vital element of non-verbal communication.

Do you have the same observations as we do?
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