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What if you come to

Switzerland for treatment?


Over the years, Switzerland has become a point of attraction for the world’s best and most precise specialists in various disciplines.

Switzerland has a well known reputation on the market for scientific and medical excellence. This is due to the perfect integration of universities with local innovative companies. 

The creation of our dental clinic Smile Design Boutique is part of this dynamic. Therefor, our international patients represent nearly 43% of our business.

The quality of the hotel offer in Switzerland and the excellent relations we maintain with exclusive partners such as the Ritz Carlton, which adjoins the clinic. We are able to offer to people all around the world a tailor-made stay.

We are now able to organise your stay in our clinic from home thanks to our partners in nearly 200 cities.

Let’s prepare your trip!

A dental assistant and a dentist
Dentist showing the new smile in 3D of a patient in Geneva
A patient discover the 3D view of his new smile
Dentist scanning the mouth of a patient


“A good doctor treats the disease.
A great doctor treats the patient.”
Sir William Osler



Richard came to the clinic to solve some carries. After we presents to him a
Project with DSD, he decided to go to a full menstruation of the upper part with crowns and veneers. We solve the position of the lower teeth with Invisalign and a bleaching.


Yulia presented to our dental clinic with a very common problem. Our team of dentists became aware that she was not happy with the colour and shape of her teeth. We provided her with dental whitening finished by a set of minimally invasive veneers that helped her fully express her personality and youth.

Carlos's new smile thanks to Digital Smile Design
Zoom on Carlos's new smile thanks to Digital Smile Design
Lidia's new smile thanks to Digital Smile Design
Zoom on Claudia's new smile thanks to Digital Smile Design


Our influencer friend Claudia was not comfortable smiling. We used Digital Smile Design and Invisalign to correct her smile and finished the case with porcelain veneers on the top and a dental bleaching for the bottom. Giving our patient the ability to express her emotions with a big smile.This makes our job so much more rewarding.

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