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Have you ever imagined what your new smile might look like before you’ve even sat down in the dentist’s chair? Thanks to “Digital Smile Design” (DSD), now you can try on your future smile and see what it looks like… before treatment has even started!

In today’s world, our aspirations go beyond having healthy functional teeth: we all want a beautiful smile that reflects our personality. The value of a smile, and the self-confidence that comes with it, should never be underestimated. DSD is the most effective and least invasive solution to obtain healthy, natural results. Fewer than 10 dental clinics worldwide – and Smile Design Boutique in Geneva is one of them – specialise in this 100% digital methodology.

Photos, videos and X-rays are taken as part of the initial consultation. All of this data is then analysed digitally in order to create a prototype of your ideal smile. “With DSD, we determine what type of smile will harmonise perfectly with the patient’s morpho-psychological characteristics,” explains Dr Eduardo de la Torre, the founder and CEO of Smile Design Boutique in Geneva.

During the second consultation, a resin prototype is tried on for a few minutes. That’s when the magic happens. The patient can instantly visualise the results and ask for changes to be made. For Dr de la Torre, “this method creates a strong emotional bond between practitioner and patient. Whenever a patient comes back to tell us they’ve regained their confidence thanks to their new smile, it gives us a hundred times more determination to keep moving forwards and help transform the lives of others for the better.”

Ce magazine met en avant la qualité de notre blanchiment dans notre clinique dentaire
Un médecin et une assistante dentaire effectuent un blanchiment dentaire à un patient
Un dentiste et une assistante dentaire mettent la dernière main au blanchiment dentaire d'un patient
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