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A new architectural concept that brings to life Smile Design Boutique´s universe where comfort, experience and technology come together in a perfect symbiosis.

Dental clinic Geneva – Welcome

Welcome to Smile Design Boutique, a new concept dental clinic where patient care and empathy take a predominant role to make your experience a unique one. Human warmth, comprehension and technology united to achieve the best results possible.

We count in our space with a boutique reception lounge that includes an area to relax and perhaps have a tea or coffee, “Klimt Cafe”.

A Cafe in a Dental Clinic
Dental Cabinet

The “Bibliotheque”, our unique waiting room, offers all the comfort you need in case you need to wait a few minutes for our specialists to take care of you. A beautiful view to lake Leman makes time fly by, as you are enjoying one of the best views in Geneva.

Elegant Library in a dental Clinic in Geneva
Professional Photo Studio in a dental clinic in Geneva

We have a professional Photo/video studio that allows us to create all the material for our analysis and digital planning. It also offers to you a totally new experience, that becomes very enjoyable, as you spend it together with our team.

Here are our 4 Dental Cabinets equipped with the latest technology and a completely white sterile atmosphere. We created a swiss mountain thematic that reminds us how beautiful our country is. And a plus, you have the view of lake Leman and event the Mont-Blanc peak right in front of you.

One of our dental Cabinet in a dental clinic in Geneva
One of our dental Cabinet in a dental clinic in Geneva

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“Our medical team will be always available to meet your dental needs, both health related or æsthetic.”

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If you have any needs, feel free to use your favorite App to contact our team.