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For those moments of pain, when you need us the most, we are here. Immediate appointments are always planned into the agenda of our doctors so we can take care of you as fast as possible. In our dental clinic we use the latest 3D X Ray technology to diagnose fast and reliable the cause of your urgency. Therefore we will find an immediate solution.

The main issue of a dental urgency is pain. We know this pain can be very severe, and we believe an immediate solution is vital. The cause of this pain is most of the times generated by a caries process or an infection. Detecting the cause of your problem is as important as the solution. Immediate and accurate diagnosis will be provided by our urgency team in order to avoid any future problems.

Accidents and trauma are also very common emergencies in dentistry. A quick response and solution are very important to avoid future complications. We will resolve infections and inflammations in all cases, using the right procedures and pharmacological aid.

Our dentists treat an emergencie in our dental office in Geneva
A dentist performs a 3D scanner as part of a dental urgencie in Geneva
A medical team deals with a dental emergency in Geneva
Our teams treat a patient in our dental emergencies department

Our Emergencies Team


Dr. Eduardo de la Torre

Clinical coordinator
Esthetic Dentistry, Oral Surgery and Smile Designer.

Dr. Paul Cunnac

Orthodontist, Prosthetics and General Dentistry

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“Our medical team will be always available to meet your dental needs, both health related or æsthetic.”

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