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Our clinic is open! 

Doctor Eduardo de la Torre

When a health event spreads out with this magnitude, it is our duty to inform our patients of the measures we are taking to ensure that our clinic remains an oasis during this phase of deconfinement.

Measure 1 in the clinic 
Our care protocols already guarantee all our patients a perfectly sterile environment that prevents all viral and bacteriological dissemination. Nevertheless, we have reinforced them further to cope with this new situation. We all take our temperature in the morning when we arrive.If it is above 37.4° or significantly below 36.6°, our employees must go home and take the Covid 19 test. At the moment we have no proven cases in the team.

Because we are a medical centre, our clinic is cleaned and disinfected every day. Dental offices and utensils are completely disinfected after each consultation.We have increased our bio-security protocols by installing UV-Hepa air filtration systems and ozone generators to insure our air quality provides a safe and healthy environment free of any allergens, pollutants, bacterias and specially viruses floating in our space.

At the desk, in our lounge, in our library and in the practices, both our staff and patients are invited to disinfect their hands at all times.

Measure 2 Patient reception
As we do with our team, we ask our patients to answer a quick symptoms questionnaire, we take the temperature of each one when they arrive at the reception desk. If it is higher than 37.4° or significantly lower than 36.6, we reschedule an appointment 15 days later and we follow the evolution of the symptoms with them.

Measure 3 Interactions with medical staff
Our medical staff wear FFP2/K95 masks that prevent the virus from spreading. In order to insure the safety of both our medical staff and our patients, protective sterilised gear is worn for every case, a measure applied in the past just during surgical interventions. Cross Infection Control Protocols have always been implemented strictly in our clinic but in the new Coronavirus environment we come back to work with, we have decided to do a new training consisting of theoretical and practical sessions with all our team (included the non-medical staff) to be performing perfectly when it comes to avoiding 100% cross infection in our clinic. The disinfection measures described in point 1 are effective against all types of viral as well as bacteriological contamination.

Measure 4 Patient interactions
Once we register our patients at the desk, they wait before they can be treated in isolation. In order to avoid any risk of contamination between patients, we now distribute our patients between the Library, our Smile lounge and the Klimt Café. A big advantage we have in comparison to a conventional dental clinic is, that our distribution of the boutique in several floors and areas allows us not only to provide a unique experience for our guests, but now also, a perfect journey for the patient inside the clinic where we can avoid groups of people insurring social distancing.

Let’s be vigilant
We now know all the barrier gestures that can stop the spread of the virus. Our new protocol goes beyond that to offer you all the necessary health guarantees.

Ce magazine met en avant la qualité de notre blanchiment dans notre clinique dentaire
Un médecin et une assistante dentaire effectuent un blanchiment dentaire à un patient
Un dentiste et une assistante dentaire mettent la dernière main au blanchiment dentaire d'un patient
Un dentiste qui finalise un detartrage

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