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We believe prevention is the best solution

PrevenTIve Dentistry

The 27th of april, we reopen our dental clinic. We have taken special measures for your safety.

We dedicate our efforts to help you to establish the best preventive actions to avoid complex treatments.

It is true that in Smile Design Boutique dental clinic we specialise in esthetic dentistry and implantology, but everything starts with a healthy and functional oral condition. This is why we provide all general dentistry services in one place with the latest technology and highest level restorative materials.

A complete multidisciplinary treatment plan will help you obtain oral health and stability throughout your entire life. Conventional approaches make you have to continuously be visiting the dentist and never really solving your dental problems. Instead of that, we take care of all your problems with one definitive treatment plan. Only the correct prevention and maintenance will be necessary after.

We wish to transform the way you feel about the dentist. Enjoying a healthy and beautiful smile is possible without discomfort and from as little as one session. Our team of specialists will take care of all your needs in a holistic fashion.

Our dentist presents a treatment plan to a patient at Smile Design Boutique Dental Clinic
Our dentist presents a treatment plan to a patient at Smile Design Boutique Dental Clinic in geneva
Our dentist treats a patient in our dental cabinet in our dental clinic in Geneva
Our dental assistant check the last version of the smile we design digitally


“A good doctor treats the disease.
A great doctor treats the patient.”
Sir William Osler


For Rachel, her smile is vital in having a high self esteem.With this in mind it’s that she pushes the door of the clinic Smile Design Boutique. To validate with her the new smile we designed, we have used our prototyping technology and smile design to show her this new smile before the treatment started.



Kristina suffers from a common pathology, bruxism (grinding teeth at night, muscle pain, migrain). This causes erosion of the teeth, mandibular dysfunctions and cranial pains. Thanks to the DSD (Digital Smile Design), we are able to plan a vertical regeneration of teeth recuperating a healthy function and then harmonising the rest of the teeth with micro veneers to also end with a perfect aesthetic smile.

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