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Get your beautiful and personalised smile thanks to our expertise in digital orthodontics

Orthodontics is the branch of dentistry that specializes in the study, preventive diagnosis and treatment of teeth alignment and bite as well as jaw development, looking for the balance between correct oral function and ideal facial aesthetics.

In our Geneva dental clinic, we rely on outstanding specialists to achieve the best smiles, using techniques that are either fixed or removable.
In the past, these appliances were only used for children but, more and more, adults are becoming aware of the remarkable aesthetic benefits the orthodontic treatment brings.

Beautifully aligned teeth are achieved using dental appliances, as brackets or aligners. They are designed to correct the defective position of teeth through the use of pressure.

Corrective dental appliances have experienced a great evolution over the years resulting in a wide variety of solutions and types. Smile Design Boutique has incorporated the latest developments and offers you the following:

Invisible orthodontics/INVISALIGN
Forget having to use uncomfortable braces for your orthodontic treatment. Invisible orthodontics is a method which corrects the alignment of your teeth using transparent, removable tooth guards called aligners. This type of treatment is suitable for the majority of cases. Smile Design Boutique dental clinic works with Invisalign®, the best company in the field, in collaboration with Digital Smile Design to carry out this treatment. We achieve fast and predictable results making your treatment as short as possible. 

Orthodontic treatment with braces
The orthodontic treatment with braces is sometimes necessary in highly complicated treatment plans. Nowadays the need for braces is reduced to very specific cases as most can be solved with aligners. Nevertheless, for those complex cases, our orthodontics team has a wide experience in all the different protocols involving braces placement.

Low friction braces
Low friction braces reduce treatment time due to their slide mechanism.

Sapphire braces
Transparent sapphire braces offer a highly aesthetic solution in the form of crystal-clear braces which will not stain or discolor during the treatment period.


orthodontic session with a dentist and a dental assistant
Our dentist presents his patient with orthodontic treatment
Our orthodontist dentist at Smile Design Boutique
Our patient puts an Invisalign gutter at Smile Design Boutique

Our Team of Orthodontics

Dr. Paul Cunnac

Orthodontist, Prosthetics, General Dentistry and Smile Design

“A good doctor treats the disease.
A great doctor treats the patient.”
Sir William Osler


Richard came to the clinic to treat cavities. We presented him with all we could do to improve his smile, thanks to the DSD process.

We made him a complete restoration of the upper part by putting him crowns and veneers. For the bottom, we have re-align his teeth with invisible Invisalign orthodontic treatment. Finally, we equalised the colour with a dental bleaching.


After discovering her new smile, Valentina followed the DSD (Digital Smile Design) planning protocol in our clinic. An orthodontic treatment was prescribed with Invisalign invisible aligners technology. The placement of 10 veneers and a whitening of the lower teeth were done by our team.

Valentina's new smile thanks to Digital Smile Design
Zoom on Valentina's new smile thanks to Digital Smile Design

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