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Maintain your oral health with our

Hygienists & Bleaching

Our dental office features state of the art equipment to take care of your teeth during your dental hygiene session. We are also specialist in dental bleaching.

Prevention and maintenance of oral health are key to live happy and healthy lives. A small intervention as the dental cleaning allows you to avoid future dental problems. Maintaining your teeth clean and your gums strong and healthy is easy to achieve nowadays.

Dental Cleaning
In our dental clinic with the maintenance cleaning treatments we achieve the elimination of plaque and tartar with ultrasonic instruments and root scaling. A correct plaque control will help us maintain an adequate and balanced intra-oral ecosystem that will favor oral health. Air polishing systems and professional profilactic pastes aid us in all the removal of stains from your teeth. Together with this treatment we also provide oral hygiene education that helps our patients in their daily routine when it comes to brushing their teeth and maintaining healthy gum.

Dental Bleaching
Dental whitening is an aesthetic treatment (aesthetic and cosmetic dentistry) which is able to recover by several tones the teeth’s color, leaving them whiter, more radiant and healthier. This treatment is carried out in our clinic on the dental chair, in less than an hour.
At Smile Design Boutique , we use a combination of the highest quality whitening products activated with a cold blue led light. Tooth whitening eliminates stains produced by medicine or external factors such as tea, coffee, tobacco, mate, cigarettes, red wine or other substances and food.

This magazine boasts the quality of our bleaching in our dental clinic
A doctor and a dental assistant are doing a dental bleaching a patient
Dentist and dental assistant finalize a dental bleaching to a patient
A dentist who finalizes a dental hygiene

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