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Dental Veneers:
are they a good idea?

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Growing numbers of dental practitioners are turning to veneers to enhance their patients’ smiles.Whenever a new practice proves to be this successful, it naturally raises a number of questions.

Whenever a new practice proves to be this successful, it naturally raises a number of questions.
Exclusive interview with smile expert Doctor Eduardo de la Torre, CEO of Smile Design Boutique in Geneva.


What do patients typically ask you about veneers?

Patients always ask me if veneers will damage their teeth. The answer sounds like something of a paradox: yes, fitting veneers may lead to certain complications, and yes, at the same time they are 100% reliable!

Why is DSD (Digital Smile Design) recommended when fitting veneers?

DSD is not so much a technique as a tool for planning treatment together with our patients. By combining digital tools with our very own smile database, we’re able to design veneers that look more natural on the patient. DSD allows us to plan out complex treatments involving implants, orthodontics or surgical treatment.

Are there any contraindications to fitting veneers?

Provided that all of the biological and functional considerations are taken into account for each patient, and the protocol is carried out responsibly, there are no contraindications.

There are those who believe that veneers ruin your teeth, what is your view on this?

Unfortunately, a lot of practitioners had little knowledge of fitting techniques in the past, and this could sometimes lead to complications. So the most important thing is to preserve the integrity and the enamel of each tooth, so as not to damage the dentine underneath. Moreover, the latest generation of veneers are much thinner and fitted as a complement to your teeth. This is what we mean by ‘non-invasive’ treatment.

How does this work in practice and how long does it take?

CAt Smile Design Boutique, we always provide an initial consultation dedicated to the complete documentation of your mouth and facial features. If you don’t have any particular dental problems and your treatment plan is only to fit veneers, the entire process can be finished in 5 days.

In a nutshell…

At Smile Design Boutique, you can try on your new smile before starting treatment. Our veneers are non-invasive – they simply correct the shape and colour of your teeth. Seeing as they are a complement to your natural enamel and are made of porcelain, the result is that your teeth are much stronger.

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