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In our dental clinic, we believe that a healthy smile is the key to feeling good about yourself and having a successful life.



Our patients play an important part in the design process of their new smile. Our prototyping technology allows you to experience first hand your future smile before any treatment starts. 3D Smile Design allows us to provide natural looking and predictable outcomes for every single case at our dental clinic.


Yulia presented to our dental clinic with a very common problem. Our team of dentists became aware that she was not happy with the colour and shape of her teeth. We provided her with dental whitening finished by a set of minimally invasive veneers that helped her fully express her personality and youth.

The before and After Yulia's news smile
Zoom on the Before and After Yulia's New Smile
The Before After of Kristina's new smile
The New smile of Kristina in Smile Design Boutique

Kristina suffers from a common pathology, bruxism( grinding teeth at night, muscle pain, migrain) This causes erosion of the teeth, mandibular dysfunctions and cranial pains. Thanks to the DSD (Digital Smile Design), we were able to plan a vertical regeneration of teeth recuperating a healthy function and then harmonising the rest of the teeth with micro veneers to also end with a perfect aesthetic smile.


Antoine’s case was a complex and delicate case. Digital Smile Design has allowed us to treat it in a comprehensive and organized way. Before addressing the aesthetic aspect, we performed a periodontal treatment with laser. At the same time, our surgeon had to remove a lateral upper teething replace with a guided implant. Once the health stage was completed, we finalised his smile with micro ceramic veneers.

The before and After Antoine's news smile
Zoom on the Before and After Antoine's New Smile


If a case is poorly planned or not at all (traditional dentists) patients pay the consequences. Marta had problems with her gum since she got her first veneers. We designed a new set of veneers following Digital Smile Design protocols, changed her gum line using Laser techniques and finilised with 10 new veneers achieving a beautiful result but more importantly a healthy biological outcome. 

The Before and After Francois's New Smile
Francois's New Smile design at Smile Design Boutique

François suffered from a severe periodontal chronic disease that was never properly diagnosed for nearly 10 years After stabilising gum retraction and bone lost, and thanks to the digital smile planification procedures, we were able to replace damaged teeth with implants and put veneers on the other teeth to protect them achieving a healthy beautiful result.


After discovering her new smile, Valentina followed the DSD (Digital Smile Design) planning protocol in our clinic. An orthodontic treatment was prescribed with Invisalign invisible aligners technology. The placement of 10 veneers and a whitening of the lower teeth were done by our team.

The Before and After Valentina's new Smile
Valentina's new smile

Adrian teeth were damaged by advanced carries. This medical and aesthetic problem was a major handicap in his social relationships. After extensive care and with the use of digital smile design, Adrian’s smile has returned to its beautiful shape. This has given him more confidence and now he can enjoy even more every moment of his personal and professional life.

This has given him more confidence and now he can enjoy even more every moment of his personal and professional life.

Before and After Adrian's new smile
Zoom on Before and After Adrian's new smile

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